Clydesdale Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffee Hand Picking and Support for Basic School


Social Responsibility

The Jamaican coffee farmer is the keystone of our coffee industry and hence of our company. We provide technical-agronomic support, make farm supplies easily available to them, and pay fair prices for their coffee, in fact the Jamaican coffee farmers get the best price in the world for their coffee.

We support and fund several social projects in the coffee growing regions within the Blue Mountains including programs in over thirty basic and primary schools.

Our dry coffee mill is located in downtown Kingston, in one of the most socially and economically depressed areas of the nationís capital. We are the biggest employers in this area providing jobs to over 600 women, most of them single parents, who do the hand-sorting of our coffee. This has had a tremendous impact in the lives of these communities.

Environmental Responsibility

Coffee production in the Blue Mountains is very environmentally friendly. All the coffee is produced under banana, Inga, mango and many other shade trees and weed control is done by hand. This protects the soil and river basins from erosion.

As indicated before, our coffee mill is the most modern in the country and very environmentally friendly. We recycle and treat the water used in the pulping phase of our processing with a hydrodynamic sieve that purifies it.

We fully sun-dry our coffee for the most part. When the situation requires it, we also use rotary driers which are fueled with coffee parchment, a by-product of the coffee processing resulting form the hulling of the dry parchment coffee.

Sun Dry Coffee, Coffee Plantantion and water sources
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